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GENOA: Trent Caldwell Coloured
Pencil coloured version of the Trent Caldwell Sketch.

Trent Caldwell, Genoa (c) 2008, 2017 RMc, Fangarian Productions.
GENOA: Trent Caldwell
Another character in the GENOA Universe, Trent Caldwell.  Though he claims to be the nephew of the late Dr. Davenport Spry, this newly-appointed head of the Royal Scientific Council has his own agenda, and somehow it embroils Genoa in some way.  Currently he is mystically awaiting his favorite treat:  Abeille à miel Panna Cotta avec biscuits sablés. (Honey Bee Panna Cotta with Shortbread Biscuits (aka British for cookie)).

Ben Barnes was the inspiration behind Trent's design, since I liked him in Dorian Gray.

Trent Caldwell, GENOA (c) 2008, 2018 RMc, Fanagarian Productions
GENOA: Ianstar FB Coloured
With the exception of the goggles, here's the traditionally coloured version of Fanstar's Frelan, Ianstar.  Though possessing more of Genoa's attributes, he is a bit more on the humanoid Tombeurian side.  Yes, he does have a wolf's tail, darkened, claw-tipped hands, and fangs, and no, he is NOT a furry. (Sheesh).  Basically is a Professor of all sciences and an inventor for the most part, has been working on many innovations for his era.

GENOA, Ianstar (c) 2005, 2017 RMc, Fangarian Productions.
GENOA: Fanstar FB Coloured
Fanstar sketch coloured with the traditional style of coloured pencils.  His jacket is silver leather and is a Tombeurian-Glacitorian hybrid due to being Genoa and Nyssa's Hijan (son), twin Frelan (brother) of Ianstar, is more lupinesque than him.

His Frost Blue Hair and furskin stripes are inherited by his mother's genetics, while his wolfish form comes from his father.

GENOA, Fanstar (c) 2005, 2017 RMc, Fangarian Productions.
GENOA: Ianstar
Here's Fanstar's twin Frelan (brother), Ianstar, though he's humanised than feral in appearance, they are twins nonetheless and identical by genetics if not by appearance.  Except here Ian is a certified Professor of Inventive Science and ParaScience, and has helped invent many items during Genoa's untimely absence.  He has successfully reverse-engineered the alien technology that was left behind in 1894, and has been also working on his own innovations as well.  Extremely protective of his private laboratory and is constantly at odds with the Royal Scientific Council of Great Britain, since they usually want to utilise his genius for less-than-beneficial means.

GENOA, Ianstar (c) 2005, 2017 RMc, Fangarian Prod.

Truth about Facebook and Social Media

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 22, 2016, 8:35 AM
  • Listening to: Losing My Mind (11th Fanger Edition)
  • Reading: Harvey Comics
  • Watching: Transylvania Television
  • Playing: Pokemon
  • Eating: Crossiants
  • Drinking: Something
Over the years I've seen the Internet grow and, yet, devolve before my eyes.  Recently found out a DeviantArt associate was keeping his Facebook Page open, but was probably no longer wanting to use his page.  About several years ago, if many of you had recalled, I had some issues with MySpace, due to a jerk calling himself Fangdarius -- Henry Gail.. in reality it was Kris and Darrell.. who basically thought it would be better to pull a prank on my online, rather than discuss our personal disputes outside in the real world.

On more recent Facebook-related note:  I made a comment on my FB Friend's Anthony's page about something he posted about the upcoming Ghost in the Shell live-action movie.  Regrettably, a jerk named Charlton decided he wanted to call me out and make it sound as if his opinion was FAR superior than mine and simply did not want to listen to my viewpoint.  Even worse, kept harping on a mistake I had made about a Marvel Comics character, acting like an egotistical, loud-mouth brat than anything else.

Rather than get into it with him, I simply pulled down my comments out of respect to Anthony.  Whereas when Charlton chided I couldn't stand being wrong about the situation, I stated that I couldn't stand someone having to act like a spoiled brat just to prove they're damn right 24/7, rather than listen to one's perspective. Afterwards, I blocked him and turned off the notifications.  Which, in turn, enraged him because it ultimately gave me the last word on the matter.

Now, when Kris and Darrell were acting like pudhballs to me online, did I blame MySpace? No.  When Charlton was acting like a complete, bratty douche did I suddenly stop using Facebook? No.  Because in truth it's not social media that's the problem, but in fact, some people have this misconception they can do and say anything, regardless of pending consequences online because social media enables them to use an alias than their own name.  And even those who do use their own identity on these sites still act as if they can behave in any fashion.  But I do I let it bother me? Not really, because in the end, others who know them personally realize they have to live with themselves, whereas I do not.

The thing is, let people grouse and complain on these sites, let them act the way they want because deep down, they can't really hurt you.  They may bully you (which, isn't cool in my book, BTW) and be cruel beyond the limitations of humanity, but they can't keep you from sharing your perspectives and ideas online.

For the most part, my life doesn't revolve around social media, and it really shouldn't with yours.  If someone gets into with you, just take a deep breath and ignore them, because in the end, they have to deal with themselves and their actions, while as I aforementioned, you do not.

Just something to think about.


fangarius's Profile Picture
Basically I've been creating characters since the Seventies. Fanger originated back in 1977, whereas Fangarius came into existence in 1982.

However, I've also created other characters and written the odd tale now and again. I usually like Sci-Fi, Animation - Japanese, European and American, Manga and the game now and again.

Of course, there has been the overzealous person who decided to 'borrow' my art and alter it for his own means on MySpace. But hey, you can't enter a minefield without accidentally stepping on a few land mines. However, I was glad some of you were to help me diffuse the situation.

Nonetheless, it hasn't deterred me from creating and illustrating more characters since then. As well as compose new adventures as well.

Current Residence: Whenever the ChronoSphere takes me..
Favourite genre of music: Anime, Alternative, VG Music, Soundtracks (within reason)
Favourite style of art: Anthropomorphic, but not furry porn...cause that's just so wrong in so many ways...
Operating System: One that doesn't turn my system's CPU into yogurt
MP3 player of choice: Currently RealPlayer, but I after getting my system rehauled I might go to iTunes
Shell of choice: I prefer Pasta over Turtle..
Wallpaper of choice: Cool backgrounds, anime, other fanart.
Skin of choice: Furskin.. (I'm a Wolf-Being)
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny (yeah, a RABBIT!)
Personal Quote: Brillant!


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